Bringing people together and creating shared experiences; exploring both specialty coffee and our natural surroundings


To give people their own stories to tell.  Creating memories through adventure and community


The goal of the Wilderness Brewing Sessions is to create space.  Space to explore.  Space to connect.  Space to learn and experience.

Nature turns on it’s splendour whether we’re there or not.  And good coffee speaks for itself.  The Sessions aren’t trying to improve on a good thing, they’re about facilitating the time and space to enjoy what nature and specialty coffee have to offer.

The format of the Sessions is informal and chilled out.  Small groups of people meeting at a pre-determined spot before heading off on a walk, hike, or ride to the brewing location.  Coffee is brewed with the opportunity for people new to the game to learn about the brew methods, techniques, and coffees themselves.

Already a coffee enthusiast?  Then the events are a great opportunity for you to come and chill with like-minded people in a beautiful location, sharing your knowledge with those wanting to know more.


The Sessions offer the chance to experience a variety of different coffees each time.  It may be a selection from different regions, different varietals, or similar coffees presented differently from various roasters.  Coffees will always be filter roasted single origins. Brew methods will vary to highlight different brewers including the Aeropress, Delter, V60, and the Trinity Origin.

Each event will have a featured roaster, with the chance to pre-order a bag to take home and explore further.


The Wilderness Brewing Sessions are for anyone and everyone.  Event type will vary to cater for all fitness levels.  From short, easy walks, to day hikes, or mountain bike rides, watch for the event and activity that best suits your abilities and interests.

Some events will have an industry guest attend who will be there to showcase a certain coffee, share their experiences, or just come along for the ride.  These sessions will be a great chance to get a better insight into the specialty coffee sphere; it’s successes and challenges, and the people that make it tick.


The Wilderness Brewing Sessions are Melbourne-based.  Events will take place around Victoria and may be within an hour of CBD or a couple hour drive depending on the activity and area being highlighted.  Rain forest, cliff-top, or dunes; the locations always promise to be breath-taking.

  • A variety of filter roasted coffee’s to try
  • Everything required to make the coffee
  • Enough brewing devices to have a try of or learn on if you want to
  • The ability to boil water
  • Ticket options will be available that include a bag of coffee to take home, or even bundles that come with an Aeropress and grinder if you’re new to coffee and want to continue the journey after the event!
  • Come with a positive attitude and a smile!
  • Bring your favourite enamel / camping mug
  • Bring a 600ml bottle of fresh water to assist with brewing
  • Comfortable clothes / shoes appropriate for the activity
  • Any snacks, food, drinking water you may need
  • Optional: your own brewing devices, water boiler, coffee you’re enjoying you’d like to share with others

The most important thing is to come with a curious mind, prepared to be social and enjoy the experience!

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or feedback.  We can’t wait to have you along!

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