All spoons featured on the @native.spoon Instagram page are for sale unless otherwise stated.

Hand carved spoons can range from $15 to $100+.  But I am by no means a professional carver.  I carve because I love the experience and the mindfulness it creates.

As such, it feels wrong to put a price tag on these spoons.  The spoons are for sale at whatever value you place on it.  Think it’s worth $5?  It’s yours.  $50?  I certainly won’t turn you down.

If you would like to purchase a spoon, please message me via Instagram @native.spoon or email via  Let me know the spoon you’re after, your price, and shipping destination.  Postage will be calculated and added to the price you set.

I will reply with a total cost (your price + postage) and provide a link for payment to be made via PayPal.  Once payment has been received, I will notify once the spoon has been shipped.

Available spoons can be viewed only on the Instagram page (not at this website).  SOLD spoons will be marked as such in the post.  New spoons will be posted for sale periodically.

Any questions or queries, get in touch!


All spoons for sale through Native Spoon have been treated with a food safe oil.  The type of oil used for each spoon will be specified in the post.

Your spoon will arrive looking sleek and shiny.  Unfortunately, wooden spoons lose this sheen relatively quickly through normal use.  Here are some tips for caring for your spoon to ensure years of use:

  • NEVER put your spoon through the dishwasher.  The heat and prolonged exposure to water will kill the spoon in no time.
  • When required, gently wash with warm water and a mild dish soap.
  • Pad the spoon dry immediately after washing and leave to dry in the open.
  • Your spoon will lose it’s shine over time and the wood grain will lift giving the spoon a “fuzzy” feel and look.  It is very easy to restore it back to a nice shine by sanding lightly with a very fine grit sand paper.
  • After sanding, re-oil your spoon to safeguard against moisture absorption to prolong the life for many years.
  • Sanding and oiling can be repeated as often as necessary to keep you spoon looking almost like new.