Sunrise, mountain bikes, and brews.  No better way to start your day.

Our social MTB rides at Lysterfield on Sunday mornings have become a solid fixture on the calendar.  We’ve got a growing group of guys with varying skill and fitness levels.  There’s no performance pressure on these rides; just a good community vibe to come and chill on the trails, have some fun, and drink some good coffee.

Brewing for one or two others was easy, but with the group growing the cost of keeping everyone caffeinated adds up.  I’m not prepared to sacrifice the quality of the beans to save money so will continue to buy only freshly roasted, specialty grade, single origin coffee from local Melbourne roasters.

Of course there’s zero cost to join us on the ride, but those wanting a freshly brewed Aeropress mid-ride are requested to pre-order it via PayPal prior to the ride using the link below.  Where else in Melbourne can you score a specialty coffee for two measly bucks??  AND you get to consume it while covered in mud and surrounded by kangaroos!  Doesn’t get any better!

The money solely covers the cost of the beans; there’s no gain in it for me.  It just enables the coffee to keep flowing for those who want it.  As always, you’ll still be required to bring your favourite camping mug and preferably keep a 500ml bottle of fresh water in your bag should we need it to brew.  Pre-ordering also helps me reduce wastage and ensures I always bring the right amount.See you out there!

Brew Rides

Covering the cost of the beans for your freshly brewed Aeropress


Too tight to pay but still want a coffee?  Feel free to bring your own Nescafe, but you’ll be boiling your own water, chump!