img_6526Bike Hike Brew is a creative outlet for sharing stories and experiences collected throughout my journey into the world of specialty coffee.

This website is less about reviewing the intricacies of coffee, and more about the adventures and people met along the way.

I’m by no means a coffee expert, but I’ll share what I learn about different brew methods, the gear surrounding them, and the locations and adventures had in the process.  I don’t plan on taking this too seriously, so if you’re after a professional, no-nonsense look at specialty coffee and camping then you’re in the wrong place.

I am Tim Messenger and I live in the hills east of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.  I am married to Dawnyele and we have 4 children; Jared, Katie, Juliana, and Lee.

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I’ve also shared a few hiking articles and trail reviews with Neil Fahey for his website Bushwalking Blog.  You can check them out here and explore his site if you’re looking for new trails or gear reviews.